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National Applied Kinesiology Club
Upcoming Vaccine Seminar

Tim O'Shea

Author of The Sanctity of Human Blood: Vaccination Is Not Immunization

Location details: see
Chicago location details and registration e-mail Will White at
Or ask Eric Badstibner (5th trimester NUHS student)

This multimedia presentation will focus on:

- History of vaccines - Ingredients of vaccines
- How vaccines are made - Current laws regarding vaccines
- The Germ Theory of Disease - Mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde
- Role of the FDA - Natural vs. artificial immunity
- Scientific proof of efficacy - Hematology review - blood detox
- Gulf War Syndrome - The chiropractic position on vaccines
- Exemption forms / exemption laws - The real causes of disease
- Comparison with Europes required list - Bioterrorism and vaccine sales
- Difference between vaccination and immunization
- Why there are 40 mandated vaccines for US school children
- Congressional hearings on autism, mercury, and anthrax, Rep. Dan Burton
- The San Diego Autism Conference: the secret epidemic
- New vaccines coming soon, AIDS, anthrax, smallpox
- History of the anthrax / Cipro connection

This will be a rare opportunity to see the most current research available about this important topic from a source that is not making a living selling vaccines. After attending this one-day seminar it is likely that you will know more about vaccines than your pediatrician. In this seminar you will get all the information you need to make a truly informed decision for your child in this thoroughly referenced, clear, and entertaining back-to-school presentation.